Descriptions and Prices
Servers, Cameras and Options

- Includes mounting, connection and integration of multiple cameras with a server using your existing WiFi router
- May require router relocation for full-house signal coverage
- Installation Cost: $150.00 for up to 3 cameras, $30.00 for each additional camera
- Prices for all servers, cameras and options below include camera activation, integration with server, and applicable sales taxes

- Complete commercial-grade security camera management, access and storage, no subscriptions or cloud storage required
- Includes
Intel PC hardware, server software license, and 100GB of event clip storage space
- Servers shown can host up to six WiFi cameras with HD streaming and 15FPS recording. For larger, more demanding applications, contact IPAC for pricing.

Fanless Mini Server

  • Intel quad-core CPU and 4K graphics

  • All solid-state (no moving parts)

  • Price: $130.80

Super Micro Server

  • Intel quad-core CPU and 4K graphics

  • More memory and specs (64GB)

  • Price: $130.80

- All cameras are built by the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance equipment for industrial, government, and military applications.
- The cameras offered here are from their lineup of WiFi products for homes and small businesses.
- All feature high-definition video and audio streaming, night vision and meet or exceed the specs of major brands found in stores, for less cost.

Video Doorbell

  • 1536x1536 resolution

  • 170-deg "fisheye" view

  • Price: $130.80

Smart Video Doorbell

  • 2048x1536 resolution

  • 180x105-deg view

  • PIR (warm body) detection

  • Price: $156.96

Indoor Camera

  • FHD (1080p) resolution

  • 130-deg wide-angle view

  • Price: $32.70

PT (pan/tilt) Indoor Camera

  • FHD (1080p) resolution

  • 340x130-deg view with PT

  • Privacy shutter to block lens

  • Price: $52.32

Outdoor Camera

  • FHD (1080p) resolution

  • Sharp 100-foot night vision

  • Price: $65.40

Smart Outdoor Camera

  • FHD (1080p) resolution

  • Color night vision w/LED lights

  • AI Person detection

  • Price: $91.56

Outdoor Camera & Alarm

  • FHD (1080p) resolution

  • Light and sound alarm capable

  • Sharp 100-foot night vision

  • Price: $117.72

Cordless Outdoor Camera

  • FHD (1080p) Resolution

  • Rechargeable lithium battery

  • PIR (warm body) detection

  • Price: $130.80

Floodlight Camera

  • FHD (1080p) resolution

  • 2000 lumen floodlight

  • PIR (warm body) detection

  • Price: $196.20

Other Options
- As with servers and cameras, IPAC offers the most cost-effective high-end solutions for useful add-ons and enhancements for your system

Touch-Screen WiFi Monitor

  • Chrome running full IPAC interface

  • "Always on" dedicated mode

  • Amber-tinted night mode option

  • Price: $65.40 for 7" size

High-Powered WiFi Router

  • Dual-band 802.11ac (2.4 & 5 GHz)

  • Whole-house coverage (most homes)

  • Can be used as access point for large area coverage

  • Price: $65.40