Cover Your Home or Business
With Security You Can See

IPAC provides private, secure, low-cost camera systems for homes and businesses in the Bay Area and South Valley.
Cameras are custom-installed and integrated into one small, secure in-house server.

  • Completely private and secure

  • Free storage of video clips and/or photos from motion-detected events

  • Live viewing and access to event clips (play or download) from any computer, mobile device or smart TV

  • Control over which cameras record event clips and when

  • Mobile app for alerts and photos of events, and live viewing on your phone

  • Onsite installation and service of cameras and system

- You have total privacy and security as the server is accessible by password only from inside your WiFi router's firewall.
- There are no requirements for costly cloud storage.
- Cameras and/or zones (such as streets) can be excluded from recording clips on a schedule and/or or manually
- Here is a sample view of a typical three-camera home system:

User Interface:
- Live views plus access to all clips for viewing and downloading to computers, mobile devices and even smart TVs
- In-house web-server interface means virtually any web-capable device is enabled with no additional software
- On-off control of motion-detected recording by cameras or the whole system
- Free mobile app for phone alerts and remote access to camera live views and still shots of events

Many Options:
Any number or combination of cameras are available.
For descriptions and prices of currently-popular choices, see Options

Integration Servers

Doorbell Cameras

Indoor Cameras

Outdoor Cameras

Cordless Cameras

Floodlight Cameras